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Vote me for DCP 3ic

A couple of days ago I was selected as a canidate in the race for DCP 3ic. I just want to say vot for me.  http://doritosarmy.com/2012/05/30/elections-results/ the link to the election post is here. Please vote for me 🙂

One Year

It has now been a year sience I made this site. I have gone though many posts and pages. From CP cheats to CP warefare news site. We have had many viewers. This site is not the most popular site but I still like posting. This has been a good year with a bunch of twists and turns. I might bring back the site or use for somthing else but for now it’s closed.


I’m done posting and dealing with this site. I barley get any viewers and I don’t really like posting. So i’m stopping this site until further notice.

CP Warfare How it Changed

Hello I am here to talk about CP Warfare and how it changed.


As you may know CP warfare has changed a lot over the years.At first there were color wars with colors .CP Warefare started out with armies like ACP Nachos UMA and RPF. At soldiers battles with snowballs. Later warfare had changed to what we do now.

Early CP Warfare

Early Cp warfare started out with throwing snowballs at each other and talking like “ACP WILL WIN” or “JOIN THE NACHOS”. Back then leaders would give commands on Club Penugin. The battle would usually take place in the Dojo. There were no formations or taticts or chats. CP Warefare was very diffrent back then.

There is a picture of eatrly CP warfare

SSACP vs. Nachos war

How CP Warefare changed

CP warefare was changed in 2009 by people like Boomer and Person. It had changed to what we do now. It included tacticts and formations.T Armies would charge at other armies with emotocons or words then that army would usually defend. Armies awalys create a formation there are simple formations like the line and there are more complex ones like a lettler or a circle or smoe other wacky formation.

Here is a picture of CP ware now


CP warefare has changed from time to time. I like how we battle now because just throwing snowballs at each other would be boring.

In which way do you like battling comment below


Army of The Week

I’m gonna start a new  segment called Army of the Week. The army of the week will have to get good sizes  between 20 and 25 + and good tacticts it will mostly be a rising army. This week’s army of the week is an army that’s on a huge rise they get good sizes they have ok tacticts. The army are

The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors are the army of the week because they have been getting great sizes at events from 40 -45. The Ice Warriors are on a  huge rise. IW started getting great sizes in the last week of December. The Ice Warriors are in the finals of the Christmas Chaos and currently favored to win. They are a very strong army at the moment. They have been getting many and I mean many views, comments and google searches. They invaded some of the Light Troop’s servers. IW next event is recruting to prepare for the Christmas Chaos battle. IW will defentally get a #1 spot in our top ten. IW could stay like this or not I have seen a few times where IW was like they are now than they fell.

Here’s a picture of IW



Mabey a Tournament

I want to announce that we might have a tournament . I thought about it and to make this more fun I might do a tournament. This will be a tournament for really small armies. I have got two plans for how the bracket will be set up. Plan 1 is where there are four groups with three armies in each group. The top two in the groups advance to the playoffs. Plan 2 is there are eight armies in each side of the bracket. The winner of each bracket go to the finals. This is not for shure. I’m still trying to come up with a name I will add it in later. You can vote for which plan you like better in a poll. If you are a really small army and you would like to join this tournament keep looking for a post that garuntees a tournament.

Here’s the poll

Happy New Years// Whats ahead in 2012

I just want to say Happy New Years from Yellowie’s CP army central.

I hope you have a Happy New Year.

What’s ahead in 2012

Well I’m gonna have more top tens, Armies of the week,contests, posts almost everyday and more


Falling Armies

As you know many armies get a spot in the top ten then later fall. Some examples are the Sun Troops, Ice Vikings, Night Warriors, Golden Troops, and the Dark Warriors . Well what happens is that army gets inactive snd dosen’t post pictures and they start losing troops. Then the army falls to be a meduim army or a small army . Usually the fallen army comes back and makes it back to the top ten or not. When the site gets inactive and there’s no events troops tend to not check the site and go on chat because there are no events.

Sun Troops

CPST was created by Hampton4life and Sklooperis. At one point CPST was falling so much they merged into GW which formed GT. When GW was powerful CPST was created. CPST started out as a meduim army then became a large army becoming 5th in our top ten. CPST began to fall they fell out of the top ten. They are now a small army maxing 8.

CPST in May


CPST now

Picture to be added later

Ice Vikings

The Ice Vikings were created by Bottlefanta and Bobcatboy 10. The Ice Vikings rose during the holiday smackdown. The Ice Vikings defeated many armies and got to the finals with ACP but they got killed by ACP. After the Holiday Smackdown the Ice Vikings remained a large/major army. Ogalthorp(the ACP creator/former leader) became the temporay IV leader. Soon IV temporarly merged into the Water Vikings. They un-merged and started out as a small army. After that IV never saw the top ten again

IV in June

IV now Well they are sorta dead

Night Warriros

The Night Warriors use to be a world power army.The Night Warriors reached #1 in the CPAC top ten. They then fell to the bottom half of the top ten then out of the top ten. The Night Warriors had scheduled many events, but no pictures. I guess they became inactive. Yesterday at NW’s Christmas Chaos battle NW maxed 3. They won because SWAT didn’t show up.

NW in May

NW now

Golden Troops

The Golden Troops were once a Major army they were very powerful at one point. They reached 3rd in the CPA Central top ten. GT was maxing 35 at events. GT  was getting amazing sizes then they began to fall. GT had dropped to the meduim top ten. Then to the small top ten. GT is doing okay now they maxed about 8 at the Christmas Chaos yesterday. Who knows mabey GT could once again rise.

GT in July

GT now


Dark Warriors

 The Dark Warriors were once a world power army reaching 2nd in the CPA Central top ten. DW was getting sizes from 20-25. DW had great tacticts. Then DW was 2nd for a few more top tens. The DW site got inactive no events were scheduled and there were hardly any recent posts. DW is now getting 4-5 at events.

DW in October

DW now

As you can see many armies fall except for ACP.


Ice Warriors on a Huge Rise

This week the Ice Warriors have been on a huge rise. They have rocked up to the #1 spot in the CPA Central top ten. The Ice Warriors had a Practice Battle with the Light Troops claiming that they won. IW is now invading the Light Troops servers and cleansing their servers. IW did amazing in their Pratice battle against the Light Troops they maxed 30. IW has great size, but they can get a bit un-organized at some point. Earlier this month IW was in the low parts of the top ten like 6th place or 7th place. IW had a training session where thay showed that they were top five worthy. Then their Practice Battle showed they were top 2 or 3 worthy. IW can fall like some other times that they were high in the top ten then they fell. IW will battle the Water Vikings in the first round of the Christmas Chaos. IW is very strong at this moment they can mabey steal the #1 spot from ACP without sharing it if they can keep this up.

This is a picture of IW at the Pratice Battle against LT

ACP and LT war


A few days ago the ACP leader Flipper declared war on the Light Troops empire. The Light Troops are 2nd in our top ten. LT is a strong army that has been rising for the past months. ACP are favored to win the war, but LT has might have the power to defeat ACP. Both of these armies are are very strong armies. If LT can win a few battles and show size they can steal the #1 spot. This defently will be an intresting battle.  LT hasn’t really made a post about the war. LT had a war with DCP the other day thay showed sizes from 15-20. It seems like ACP is pulling ahead of LT. Now ACP has been getting areoun 30-35 at most events. With the Shadow Troops hacked the LT can’t bring their biggest aly. I think ACP will win they have good sizes and okay tacticts. LT has great tacticts but ACP has bigger sizes. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Here’s a picture of ACP at their most recent event

And here’s a picture of LT at their most recent event

As you can see in the pictures it will be a very close battle.

Who do you think will win?